December 3, 2015


hello, you!
yes, i'm talking to you!
you ain't your name
you ain't the owner of all that fame
this, is a different game
you ain't this 
you ain't that
stop! introspect!
before you put yourself to shame
it's time, to go inwards
and travel deep
seek a world beyond
what you can actually see
hold my hand 
be ready for the leap
what you see (now)
is only what you wish to see
broaden your vision
come with me, lad
let me show you the creek
the flow is the only constant
observe and see
nothing stops
for you and me
nobody will stop
for you and me
time is the only spectacle
we are not mere puppets
i hope you realize this
before you kick the bucket
there's much more to achieve
whilst we are here
wake up my lad
this is not a dream
neither the greens and the gold
nor the cement and the stones
will give you what you want
take refuge in knowledge
the sole heavenly abode
trust me and the take leap
for it only can protect you
from any dreadful grey-storm
be it at dusk, noon or at dawn
knowledge takes you from
the dark into the light
from ignorance to glorious sight
the only true nurturer
in whose lap we must rest
this life after all, ain't a simple test
drop it all
before it drops you
i am the soul
a free spirit
living with glee
flesh and bones
that's not me
that's not me
that's not me


  1. Beautiful flow of emotions. Nicely written divs :-).

  2. Profound opinions...thought-provokingly expressed...makes for delightful reading.

  3. Great piece of writing. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting for your next post.

  4. Very nice perspective. It is certainly true that the most part of the world we live in is illusionary. I'm reminded of Shakespeare's Seven Ages. Keep writing!