July 16, 2015


If a person feels that he can control a person / a happening or a situation, he is, with due respects, a mighty fool!

This is sheer ignorance, perhaps a pure play of his ego as nothing is in anybody's control.

You may have an influence (good or bad) on a situation or a person, but can never control it, that's an illusion. 

That false feeling of gratification of soothing the ego makes people 'think' that they are 'in charge'. 

Heck, what's God for then? Has He allocated to you, a part of His work? 

So, to all the freaks around! Here's the bitter truth, you ain't in charge of anything!!!!! 

SO, stop bossing around.

Live & let live. It's simple. Get it?

In this world, we are just spectators of the events that happen in life. A wise man knows that and lives with that thought. Contribute to the situation, don't try to control it.

Well, some people just love all the false hype and illusion. What a pity!

I think its high time we popped that beautiful bubble of theirs! :P

What say, folks? 


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