August 11, 2013

Chennai Express (2013) - Review

The King of Romance is not the King of Comedy but it was a not an attempt that has gone in vain! For some, Deepika's good looks might have compensated for horrible Tamil accent!  Nevertheless, the film having the Ready Steady Po tag line takes off at a steady pace. The film is funny at most places, lame at a few instances. SRKs dialogue delivery & acting can never be questioned. He is the King Khan!!!! The songs are fun, vibrant and colorful with a Tamilian touch which is pleasant to the ear.  

Given the script, I think the characters have done their bit! Chennai Express, atleast for SRK Fans is definitely a watch... Because, we love the man for what he is  It was nice seeing some well known actors from the Tamil Film Industry. Moreover, having an upper hand of understanding the Tamil in the film made my movie viewing experience more enjoyable!  

Go for it, guys!!! Enjoy the ride!!!!


  1. Can say the direction of Rohit Shetty was awesome in Chennai Express and role played by SRK and Deepika is really fabulous but the lacking part in this movie is music only otherwise movie is really great and one time watch for fun and comedy.